Please Note - COVID-19 We live in Florida so we are still on a hiatus and not currently accepting commissions, we hope to be back soon and want everyone to be safe..........
At TLP Photo we are passionate about the craft of visual storytelling and focus on creating images that have photographic authenticity. We work in close collaboration with clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Supported by the use of technology and experience, our efficient workflows ensure that we can effectively lead clients through the entire image process from concept development to final delivery.

Herbert is a top rated modern photographer located in St Augustine, Florida. His photos are simple and glamorous in nature. He often only takes one lens on photo outings, and he enjoys taking photos of shapes and lights that he finds interesting. Herbert recently moved to Florida from the DMV / NYC markets and is excited to showcase his talents with a new audience as well continue current relationships with his clients, he is our vision.......

Over the past many years we ran a full time studio out of the DMV area more specifically in Baltimore. We would primarily take assignments from NYC to Richmond Va often having multiple jobs occurring at the same time. One many projects Herb would essentially be the art director working with an entire team while never actually taking a photo. We have made many great friends and special relationships over the years and now have taken our talent to Central Florida. Our photo shoots would range from Headshots of Actors, Medical Equipment, CEOs to full blown campaign adds. We still service a couple clients in the North East although we are very selectively taking on new assignments.

Palm Coast, United States
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